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Learn about Ezi-Pay

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About Certegy Ezi-Pay

There are thousands of businesses that offer Certegy Ezi-Pay and you can apply as you shop. It’s simple and easy to apply, with fast approval times. So, in most cases, you can complete your application while you make your purchase, then repay over time and best of all, you pay No Interest Ever!

Or, to save time, you can apply for pre-approval online. We'll assess your application while you’re online and confirm the outcome. Pre-approval is available for online applications up to $5,000 and you’ll receive all the details you need so you're ready to shop.

How does Ezi-Pay work

1. Search

Search for a Certegy Ezi-Pay Retailer online

2. Shop

Go shopping and make or arrange a purchase

3. Apply

Apply for Certegy Ezi-Pay instore or provide your pre-approval

4. It's Yours!

Congratulations! It’s yours