Fees at a glance:

Fee Amount Frequency
Establishment Fee $35 - $90 One-off (added to your balance)
Account Keeping Fee $3.50 Monthly
Payment Processing Fee $2.95 Fortnightly

What fees and charges apply?

There are standard fees and charges that apply to your account

An Establishment Fee

This can be between $35 and $90 depending on what you buy. This fee is charged to set up your account. The amount is added to your balance and paid over the term of your payment plan. So you pay a portion of this with each fortnightly repayment.

A Monthly Fee

$3.50 is charged to keep your account active. You pay this fee monthly and it is charged every month that your account remains open (even if you have paid off your balance).

A Payment Fee

$2.95 is charged to process each fortnightly repayment.

There are other fees and charges applied if you change something, or don't make a payment, or make another purchase, but you will always be notified if there are additional fees to pay.

There are NO additional fees or penalties for closing your account or paying off your balance early.