Can I access my account at any time?

When you open your account you will receive a user ID and password. You can access your account online at any time with these details, to check your balance and your payment details.

Consumer Login

You can also access your account by downloading the Certegy Ezi-Pay App from the iTunes Store or Google Play. The App provides you with direct access to your account and repayment details anytime, anywhere!

Get the App on your IPhone Get the App on your Andriod Phone

How do I close my Account?

Once you have paid for your purchase, you can choose to keep your account open to make further purchases (in which case the monthly fee will continue) or you can close your account at any time. You need to notify us in writing or via your online account if you want to close your account

Are there any charges for closing my account?

There are NO additional fees or penalties for closing your account or paying off your balance early.

What's the benefit of leaving my account open?

If you leave your account open, you can purchase again without completing a full application and pay a reduced establishment fee ($22). This means your application can be processed quicker as we already have most of your details (you will still need to confirm that your information is correct) and because we already know you, you may be approved for a higher amount than your first purchase.

So if you enjoyed the benefits of Ezi-Pay and plan to shop again soon, then leaving your account open could save you time and money.