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myEziPay is a convenient way for you to manage your current Ezi-Pay payment plan(s). You can view up to date details of your purchase, track your payments, view the latest special offers and much more all from your fingertips. And it’s really easy to use.

You can track your progress as often as you need, so you always know how many payments you’ve made, how many are left and how much available credit you have to shop again. You can also make additional payments whenever you want. If for any reason you need to change your next payment date, you can – because with myEziPay you’re always in control.

myEziPay lets you manage your payment plan your way.


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If you’re a VIP cardholder, you’ll have convenient access to your VIP card and VIP special offers anytime through your myEziPay app.

With myEziPay you can search thousands of retailers across a range of industries, so finding one will be easy. You can’t make a purchase via the app but you can check out the special offers that are available to you at many Certegy Ezi-Pay retailers.

There’s no easier way to manage your payment plan so take control and download myEziPay today. For more information check out the myEziPay FAQ page.