Software you may need

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STEP 1 - Install Adobe Reader

you will need to download the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.Please ensure you have Adobe Reader version 7 or above installed on your machine.

Install Adobe Reader
adobe PDF

Please refer to your Administrator or I.T. Staff for assistance.
Please ensure you have Adobe Reader version 7 or above installed on your machine.

To Check which version you have installed:

1. Click on the Start menu or Windows menu located in your taskbar / desktop
2. Click on All Programs or Programs
3. Open Adobe Reader
4. In the Adobe Reader program click on the help menu
5. Click on About Adobe Reader submenu
6. Check your version in the pop up window

STEP 2 - Set Security Settings

If you see this message when downloading an agreement:

File Download in Internet Explorer security settings needs to be enabled. See instructions below.

NOTE:  The instructions below are a guide only and may differ depending on the version of Windows and Internet Explorer that you are using.

To update your security settings to allow PDF downloading follow these instructions.

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Click on the Tools Menu and click on the Internet Options submenu.
3. Click on the Security tab | Screenshot below

4. Click on Custom Level | Screenshot below

5. Scroll down to File Download and ensure the option is set to Enable | Screenshot below

6. Click on the OK button
7. On the Internet Options window click on the OK button as well
8. You may get a prompt like the one below. If so, click on Yes or OK